All of the main European National Hunt and Flat sales dates for 2023 can be seen below.

DateSaleSales Company
24th-25th January 2023Goffs UK January Sale 2023Goffs UK
28th January 2023Tattersalls Cheltenham January Sale 20233Tattersalls Cheltenham
31st January 2023Tattersalls Ireland February N.H. Sale 2023Tattersalls Ireland
2nd-3rd February 2023Tattersalls February Sale 2023Tattersalls
14th-15th February 2023Arqana Deauville February Mixed Sale 2023Arqana
23rd February 2023Tattersalls Cheltenham February Sale 2023Tattersalls Cheltenham
16th March 2023Tattersalls Cheltenham Festival Sale 2023Tattersalls Cheltenham
22nd March 2023Tattersalls Ascot March Sale 2023Tattersalls Ascot
13th April 2023Goffs UK Aintree Sale 2023Goffs UK
17th-19th April 2023Tattersalls Craven Breeze Up Sale 2023Tattersalls
20th April 2023Tattersalls Cheltenham April Sale 2023Tattersalls Cheltenham
23rd-24th April 2023Goffs UK 2yo Breeze Up Sale 2023Goffs UK
26th-27th April 2023Osarus Breeze-Up & HIT Sale, La Teste 2023Osarus
27th April 2023Goffs Punchestown Sale 2023Goffs
2nd-4th May 2023Tattersalls Guineas Breeze Up & HIT Sale 2023Tattersalls
11th-13th May 2023Arqana May 2yo Breeze Up 2023Arqana
16th May 2023Tattersalls Ireland May Store Sale 2023Tattersalls Ireland
20th May 2023Arqana Grand Steeple Sale 2023Arqana
22nd-23rd May 2023Goffs UK Spring HIT/PTP Sale 2023Goffs UK
25th-26th May 2023Tattersalls Ireland Goresbridge Breeze Up 2023Tattersalls Ireland
1st June 2023Tattersalls Cheltenham May Sale 2023Tattersalls Cheltenham
6th June 2023Tattersalls Ascot June Sale 2023Tattersalls Ascot
13th-15th June 2023Goffs Land Rover Sale 2023Goffs
19th June 2023Goffs London Sale 2023Goffs (London)
28th-29th June 2023Tattersalls Ireland Derby Sale 2023Tattersalls Ireland
4th-6th July 2023Arqana Deauville Summer Mixed Sale 2023Arqana
12th-14th July 2023Tattersalls July Sale 2023Tattersalls
18th July 2023Tattersalls Ascot July Sale 2023Tattersalls Ascot
26th July 2023Tattersalls Ireland July Store Sale 2023Tattersalls Ireland
27th-28th July 2023Tattersalls Ireland July Store Sale 2023 (II)Tattersalls Ireland
8th-9th August 2023Goffs UK August Sale 2023Goffs UK
18th-20th August 2023Arqana Deauville August Yearling Sale 2023Arqana
26th August 2023Show Lumet Sale 2023Arqana
29th-30th August 2023Goffs UK Premier Yearling Sale 2023Goffs UK
1st September 2023BBAG September Yearling Sale 2023Baden-Baden
1st September 2023Tattersalls August Sale 2023Tattersalls
4th-5th September 2023Tattersalls Somerville Yearling Sale 2023Tattersalls
6th September 2023Goffs UK September HIT Sale 2023Goffs UK
7th-8th September 2023Goffs UK Yorton Sale 2023Goffs UK
9th September 2023Goffs Champion Sale 2023Goffs
11th-12th September 2023Osarus September Yearling Sale 2023Osarus
19th-20th September 2023Tattersalls Ireland September Yearlings 2023Tattersalls Ireland
21st September 2023Tattersalls Ireland September Yearlings Part II 2023Tattersalls Ireland
26th-27th September 2023Goffs Orby Yearling Sale 2023Goffs
28th-29th September 2023Goffs Sportsman's Yearling Sale 2023Goffs
30th September 2023Arqana Saint-Cloud 'The Arc' Sale 2023Arqana
3rd-5th October 2023Tattersalls October Yearling Sale (Book 1) 2023Tattersalls
9th-11th October 2023Tattersalls October Yearling Sale (Book 2) 2023Tattersalls
12th-14th October 2023Tattersalls October Yearling Sale (Book 3) 2023Tattersalls
13th-14th October 2023BBAG October Sale 2023Baden-Baden
14th October 2023Tattersalls October Yearling Sale (Book 4) 2023Tattersalls
16th-21st October 2023Arqana Deauville October Yearlings 2023Arqana
18th-19th October 2023Goffs UK October HIT & Yearling Sale 2023Goffs UK
23rd-27th October 2023Tattersalls Autumn Horses-in-Training Sale 2023Tattersalls
30th October-2nd November 2023Goffs Autumn Yearling & HIT Sale 2023Goffs
8th November 2023Osarus Le Lion d'Angers N.H. Sale 2023Osarus
9th November 2023Tattersalls Ascot November Sale 2023Tattersalls Ascot
10th-17th November 2023Tattersalls Ireland November NH Sale 2023Tattersalls Ireland
17th November 2023Tattersalls Cheltenham November Sale 2023Tattersalls Cheltenham
18th November 2023Tattersalls Ireland Sapphire Sale 2023Tattersalls Ireland
18th November 2023Arqana Deauville November Yearling Sale 2023Arqana
29th November - 2nd December 2023Tattersalls December Foal Sale 2023Tattersalls
19th-26th November 2023Goffs November Sale 2023Goffs
20th-23rd November 2023Arqana Deauville Autumn Sale 2023Arqana
27th November 2023Tattersalls December Yearling Sale 2023Tattersalls
4th-7th December 2023Tattersalls December Mares Sale 2023Tattersalls
9th December 2023Goffs UK Tingle Creek Sale 2023Goffs UK
9th-12th December 2023Arqana December Breeding Stock Sale 2023Arqana
11th December 2023Tattersalls Ascot December Sale 2023Tattersalls Ascot
11th-14th December 2023Goffs December N.H. Sale 2023Goffs
15th December 2023Tattersalls Cheltenham December Sale 2023Tattersalls Cheltenham

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